Photo Courtesy Lumo Bible Project

2. Repentance Is Change

The ministry of John the Baptist was to usher in the Messianic King so long anticipated by the people of Israel. John was an outsider whom the people recognized as a Prophet. No word had been heard from the mouth of a prophet for 400 years. The message of John was "Repent." This is a religious word which many think means be sorry for your sins. No, that's not it. To repent is to regret your way enough to do something different. Real repentance is change. ... Read More

1. Understanding Authority

After the escape from Herod as a young child, the Scriptures are silent about the life of Jesus, though we can deduce from Luke that is was the custom of his family to keep the Feasts of the LORD. At the age of 12, Jesus had his bar mitzvah - moving him to the authority of his Father. ... Read More