Simply, it is our intention:


To preach to all the chosen of Jehovah hope of new life within, through the promise of His Son and to turn them to Him alone as teacher and guide.


To maintain a testimony and reputation that is above reproach by keeping the Commandments of God while teaching and encouraging others to do the same.


To awaken people to the Truth and timeless relevance of the Scriptures.


To declare the Feasts of the LORD and encourage their observation in the Creator’s appointed times.


To expose inherited pagan religious traditions and unsubstantiated doctrines, and replace them with an understanding of the Truth according to Scripture.


To proclame the Gospel of the Kingdom and the return of our Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus) to restore and rule the earth in peace and righteousness.


To encourage the theology, language and lifestyle of the Scriptures, in the people of YHVH.

Where does THINK RED INK come from?

No one likes thinking red ink — when it implies financial loss or debt. Our interest is an entirely different application of red ink. The red letters in YOUR Bible! Maybe your Bible does not have red ink? The Red Letter Edition Bible (published in 1899, by Louis Klopsch) set-apart the words of Jesus — by printing them, in red.

We agree — if God sent His Son to walk among us, His words should not be treated like other words.

When it comes to theology, we encourage the people of God to consider, “What did Jesus say?”

When it comes to practice, ask, “What did Jesus Do? or What did Jesus SAY to do?”

When it comes to matters of faith, ask, “What has Jesus said… to me?”