Words of Jesus Podcast

Hello, I’m Don Harris of Think Red Ink Ministries.

Think Red Ink Ministries has the goal of reinforcing Christianity with the wisdom and words of Jesus; which, incidentally, are recorded in red ink in many Bibles through podcast, blog and broadcast mediums.

Do you know what Jesus said? What Jesus did?  What Jesus said to do?

This series is based on Jesus – His life, His friends, His ministry and His relationship with His Father as recorded in the four gospels.

Will you do something for me? I want to hear from you.

Tell me who you are, where you are from and how you are listening to this broadcast.

Send your questions or comments, too.

Email: Don@ThinkRedInk.com  or  write to Think Red Ink Ministries at P.O. Box 718, Pie Town, NM 87827.

What did Jesus say? “Think Red Ink!”

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