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What did He say?

“My words are Spirit and they are Life!”

-- Jesus --John 6:63 (KJV)

Oh, that God would send a Man.

Millions today seek a teacher, a guide to show them the way. To tell them the key to the map …the map in almost every man’s hand; the path to God,the way to find the answers so desperately needed in their lives.

Good news. He did. He did not send a man to start a new religion. He sent a man, a plain man, in plain sight. He caused his words to be recorded, so
that we, upon whom the end of the age has come, would not be led astray by every wind of doctrine.

There surely are winds in the storms of life, but in the midst of those storms, the man – sent from God – brings peace and understanding. By His life and His words He reveals (as we so desperately need) God, His Father.

Maybe you will not have the same experiences, maybe you will. But, the practice of Thinking Red Ink will reveal the thoughts of the Man of God who ever LIVES, who was sent to be our teacher. Bravery and courage is required to step out of the boat of traditional thinking.

We must be honest and recognize the erroneous paths we have made for ourselves and admit our failures. He is calling all who hear, to “Follow me.” But, how can we find the way to go where He goes… we must THINK RED INK!

A Word from God.

Many want, beg, plead, cry and bargain with God to hear a word from Him; to have some proof that He exists, that He cares, that He LOVES.  God sent prophets – they were killed.  God wrote in stone tablets His will for men – it has largely been ignored.  Then, God pulled out all the stops – and sent His Son. Take a few minutes to imagine that this is true – that the Eternal God sent His son to earth.

What would be more important than hearing this message? Not the deciphered, condensed, diluted message of known religion; the message hidden in plain, unencrypted sight:  “God wants his man back.”

However, there are problems that must be addressed.  “My people do not know who I AM.”

Universal truths told by God’s Son reveal the key to life – a process, a quest.  God is not a book.  Not a Torah. Not a Bible. Not a Koran.  Of course, these books tell stories about God and about men who had a relationship with God. But these books anthropomorphized create separation, division and enmity.

It’s one thing to criticize religion, to complain about God or deny His existence. It’s quite another to find Him.

Bravery is required to investigate, to erase; to lay down preconceived notions, to risk the discovery that God sent a message to you. Think Red Ink Ministries invites you to do just that, to bravely listen to the Spirit of God, to boldly question illogical doctrines or dogma, to erase, to obey and to wait!

It’s a wonderful journey!

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I can’t completely express in words how much your ministry has meant to me these past several years. I do take to heart Don’s reminders that we are personally responsible for what we ultimately believe. Thanks for keeping your listeners slightly sore, yet hopefully fully alert in times such as these.
Now it is my job to study and ponder as much as i can to Learn what my Father in Heaven wants me to do….Thanks again and now for the first time i’ll say i really want to accomplish this rather than swearing i’ll do it.  What an adventure you have opened to me i will forever be indebted thank you for hanging in there and loving us.