Candace Cameron Bure’s New Bible Hits #1 Spot on Amazon’s Christian Books Chart

Candace Cameron Bure’s New Bible Hits #1 Spot on Amazon’s Christian Books Chart

Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure’s study bible, the One Step Closer Bible, hit the top spot on Amazon’s Christian Books chart this week.

Bure went to Instagram to post the news, stating “Wow!!! My new One Step Closer Bible is #1 in Christian Faith books on Amazon right now!!” She also said she is excited that so many people want to read the Word of God, stating she was “excited that so many of you want to read God’s word, dig deeper and know His truth. God’s word will never return void. Isaiah 55:11 Go God!!!”

Candace Camerons new Bible hits #1 spot on Amazons Christian Books chart

The Bible was temporarily out of stock due to so many orders. However, that has been resolved and the study Bible is now available. She also told followers they could purchase the Bible directly from Day Spring Cards.

The study Bible uses the New Living Translation and is loaded with study helps. It also has a Q&A interview with Candace Bure where she explains Christianity.

According to the Amazon page for the Bible, it has a “Helper Finder Index” that includes references to thousands of Scriptures for different topics.

Further, the Bible has notes on more than 100 different topics. The Bible also has nearly 500 in-text application notes that, according to the Amazon page, will help readers to “understand how God’s truths in scripture apply to [their lives] and circumstances personally.”

Additionally, each book of the Bible has an introduction and outline of the book which includes key verses and helps to readers to understand what are considered to be the key themes of each book according to the authors of the study tips.

The Bible also includes 177 callouts that highlight promises from God to Christians and features wide margins so people can write in sermon notes, personal notes, or add their own guidances for personal study.

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