Churches across the Nation Bless Community Members with Free Gas

A church in Louisiana gifted $25 gas cards to the first 200 drivers who came into the church’s parking lot last Sunday.

Within an hour, Lone Wa Worship Center in Monroe, La. ran out of the gas cards.

“And after the 200 gas cards had run out, there were about 10 or 15 additional persons still left,” said Charles D. Jones, another pastor at the church. “Members of our church took them to the gas station to bless them with gas.”

Church leaders say they were hoping to help people who have been hit hard by rising gas prices. Jones told reporters that in many cases people “just had enough gas to get to the church.”

“We’ve had a wonderful time today, as we endeavor to share the love of Christ and meet basic needs,” said Pastor J. Garland Smith.

According to the church’s website, Lone Wa Worship Center “is dedicated to providing guidance for life’s everyday issues and promoting faith in God.”

The Louisiana church isn’t the only one hoping to help people at the pump.

This week, a Baptist church in Benton Harbor, Mich. and a funeral home in the area partnered to give away $10,000 worth of gas to people. Each car was given $30 each in gas.

“That’s why we’re here, there’s been people here since 9 am this morning waiting for gas. We’re here, we’re gonna pump it for them, we’re gonna love on them, we’re gonna pray for them, we’re gonna encourage, we’re gonna do what the church has been called to do,” said Carlton Lynch, the Senior Pastor at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church.

In Texas earlier this month, a Baptist church’s group of deacons pumped gas for customers and paid the cost every Sunday this month.

A church in Tennessee couldn’t afford to pay for thousands in gas cards, so they’ve decided to do virtual-only services two Sundays a month to help its members save money at the pump.

“People shouldn’t have to choose between going to work and coming to church. That’s just not how God is,” founding pastor Dr. Kia Moore said. 

Photo credit: Unsplash/Erik McLean

Amanda Casanova is a writer living in Dallas, Texas. She has covered news for since 2014. She has also contributed to The Houston Chronicle, U.S. News and World Report and She blogs at The Migraine Runner.

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