Matthew McConaughey Launches Benefit to Help Rebuild Texas following Historic Freeze

Matthew McConaughey Launches Benefit to Help Rebuild Texas following Historic Freeze

Actor and outspoken Christian Matthew McConaughey announced on social media that he will be holding a virtual benefit for the next two weeks to raise money to help rebuild Texas following a historic freeze that left millions without power.

“As most of you know my home state of Texas was just hit with the worst winter storm it’s had in the last 70 years. It left a whole lot of people without power, without water, and without a whole lot of basic necessities,” McConaughey told his Twitter followers in a video titled “We’re Texas.”

He continued, “While most of the power is thankfully being restored, the busted waterlines from hospitals to so many homes, has left so many Texans without the bare necessities they need to survive … That’s why Camila, the Just Keep Living Foundation [sic] and I are putting together a virtual benefit within the next two weeks to directly help the necessary long-term effort to rebuild Texas and to take care of those in need. So stay tuned on my IG for updates. I’ll get them to you as soon as I get them.”

McConaughey went on to call encourage people to be neighborly and help out where they could. As Faithwire reports, McConaughey urged Texans to “Go knock on a door. Go, volunteer. If you’re a have, please help out a have-not. There’s a bunch of them in your neighborhood, across the street, wherever you can get to. It is needed, please do.”

Last week, Texas was hit by a historic snowstorm that took out power and water to many parts of Austin and other cities.

There were TikTok and Instagram videos of residents melting snow to get clean water. Texas power companies were also under fire for failing to have a snowstorm plan in place and reportedly, some called for a government takeover of the power plants. Since snowstorms, especially storms of this compacity, rarely happen in Texas, there was a lack of infrastructure.


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