26 Students Gather Outside of Hospital to Sing Worship Songs to Teacher Battling Stage 4 Cancer

A group of elementary school students in Wisconsin recently paid a heartwarming visit to their teacher, who is currently battling stage four cancer.

Last Wednesday, 26 students and their parents, some of whom were former students of the teacher, stood outside the hospital entrance to visit and sing worship songs to teacher Carol Mack.

Over the past 45 years, Mack taught 1st and 2nd-grade students at Christ Lutheran School in Big Bend. According to a Facebook post by Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, Mack continued to teach at the school this year despite battling cancer.

As her condition worsened, Mack had to step away from her teaching duties, however, so she could receive hospice care.

In response, one of Mack’s friends, a fellow teacher, sought to reunite her with her students before she began hospice care.

“With the help of Aurora St. Luke’s, Carol’s care team and the school, this was made possible,” Aurora Health Care noted.

“It was overwhelming and very special. I hope people see how much these kids and their teacher loved each other and how our school community came together,” Mack said, according to CBN News.

As reported by CBS 58, 1st-4th grade students came out to participate in Wednesday’s visit. Members of Mack’s care team expressed happiness after taking part in the special occasion.

“When I saw her and the kids singing, it was the most rewarding thing. We were very lucky to be a part of that. It was the most beautiful, touching thing,” Luiza Campols, a nurse on Mack’s care team, said.

Mack “didn’t have children of her own but has more kids than she could ever count. To see so much love coming back to somebody that is so selfless and deserving … it is a true blessing,” Nicole Bartnik, an occupational therapist at Aurora St. Luke’s, added.

Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Skynesher

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